Meet The Monsterz

Your practice’s strongest allies in the quest for healthy teeth and gums

Introducing Professor Smile and his top students–Lilly, Dino, Lola and Lenny. They all live here, in your dental practice. They’ve been waking up extra early every day to study and learn all about the importance of good oral hygiene. And they can help you make a trip to your practice a fun and engaging experience for kids.

Finally, they’re ready to graduate and get their very own Monsterz Missions–special tasks that, because of their unique talents and training, Professor Smile has chosen just for them!

Professor Smile

He’s committed to teaching his students the importance of good oral care for kids as well as making sure they know how to make every hygiene visit to your dental practice just as much fun as Monsterz care at home.


Lilly’s mission: use her special tools to remove plaque. She’s a great dancer, and as she sashays across the teeth, she uses her many special tools like toothbrushes to remove all the bad germs and plaque and keep each kid’s teeth and gums healthy.


Dino’s mission: apply his special formula to build a big barrier on all the little teeth and mouths. He quickly zooms around on his skateboard to keep tooth decay and pain away.


Lola’s mission: use her special recipe to smooth the tooth’s surface and make it white and shiny. She keeps all kinds of different abrasive and cleaning items in her magical purse and is ready to go to work at anytime. Her special recipe works extra hard to clean away stains and germs while tasting good and making the mouth feel clean.


Lenny’s mission: use his specialized equipment like prophy angles to help get into all the hard to reach areas of the mouth. He knows Lilly can’t always remove plaque in tiny spaces so Lenny is always there to lend a helping hand. Big shiny smiles with healthy teeth and gums are very important to Lenny.